Free Ebook Giveaway! Day three!


Day three of my free ebook giveaway is here!

Get The Future King: Logres free for five days on Amazon Kindle, expires November 20th!

This promotion is available to everyone worldwide and is live for 5 days, running from Wednesday the 16th of November 2016 to Sunday the 20th of November 2016 (midnight Pacific time).

Use the following links during the times and dates specified.

Amazon UK
Amazon US
Amazon FR
Amazon AUS
Amazon CA

To use this deal through other Amazon regions, simply make sure the Amazon extension matches your country (e.g. .com or .fr), or search for The Future King: Logres on the relevant Amazon website.

Do share this giveaway with everyone and anyone you think might be interested, and feel free to leave a review for The Future King: Logres once you’ve read your free copy!


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