Kindle Countdown Deal

I’ve been slacking…

It’s been a while since I’ve arranged one of these. Mostly because I have been sucked into the swamp of condensing my manuscript for Logres 2. Not to worry, though. After a messy operation I’ve sewn up the worst of it and am one step closer to publishing, and also have a short moment to organise another Kindle Countdown Deal for you. This one starts on the 24th of May and runs the full 168 hours, so make the most of it. It’s my dream to finally make it to the no1 spot in the ‘Arthurian’ charts. Spread the word!

The details are as follows:

May 24 2019 – May 31 2019

(UK) Kindle Countdown Deal (The Future King, #1)
(US) Kindle Countdown Deal (The Future King, #1)

Countdown ends on: May 31 2019
Countdown dates: May 24 2019 – March 31 2019
Countries available: UK & US ( &

I’m running a Kindle Countdown Deal from 12:00AM May 24 to 12:00AM May 31 (GMT & PDT) where you can pick up The Future King: Logres on Kindle for £0.99 and $0.99.



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