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The gripping second book in The Future King series. King Arthur meets high-school drama in this near-future dystopian depiction of the Arthurian legends.


The ruling party, New National, is expanding its power. Their new anti-extremism cell, The New Moral Army, threatens all who stand in opposition to the regime. Under the guidance of Marvin, self-proclaimed Merlin, after-school club The Round Table is about to fight back. The year is 2053, and Britain begins to darken.

Teenager Gwenhwyfar must discover why The New Moral Army has taken her parents and what she can do to save them. Meanwhile, rival Morgan struggles to find her place among her peers. With Bedivere’s life hanging in the balance, a conflicted Arthur does what he can to keep the The Round Table alive.

Knowing that her only chance to save her parents is to discover more about the terrorist cell Free Countries, Gwenhwyfar searches for their leader. She must also navigate new dynamics: her wish for Arthur and Lancelot to make amends may soon be one she regrets. With the New Nationals infringing on rights and a general election fast approaching, this is the thrilling second book to volume one of The Future King series.

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  • ★★★★★

    “An amazing read!”

    As a fan of the Arthurian Legends, this modern day conception of them spoke right to me! This is a brilliant, fast paced read that won’t leave you disappointed!

    To see Connie’s full Goodreads review, click here.

    by Connie on 10 January 2016

  • ★★★★★

    “Another good thing about this book is that you’re never sure …”

    I found this book very readable and well written, a quite believable future setting had me intrigued and it was hard not to make connections with the history of this ‘World’ and post Brexit Britain. The characters seem an eclectic mix of students and teachers and of course most are not what they first seem. Another good thing about this book is that your never sure whats going to happen next, I have no idea where this story will go and I like that. Hurry up and finish the sequel please Lor!

    by Simon on 10 November 2016

  • ★★★★★

    “Anxious to find out what happens next!” 

    Set in a dystopian future that you fear could all to easily come to pass, with a well-written and engaging storyline and believable, intriguing characters, this book pulled me in and kept me hooked until beyond the last page.

    With the hope that M. L. Mackworth-Praed has already started on the next instalment in this series, I strongly recommend that you read it yourself.

    To see Kathryn’s full review on Amazon, click here.

    by Kathryn on 18 January 2016